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Privately she should touch you and want to be touched by you. She will enjoy and be responsive or initiate making love to you. She will be very touched by small sentimental gifts and flattering words. She will be open to doing activities you want, even if it’s mundane. She will do small favors for you without having to ask. On the phone her excitement and tone to hear from you should be the same whether she is alone or with company. Everyday she will want to know how your day went and to share her day with you. She will tell you daily how she loves you and misses you and will often say how she can’t wait to be with you again. If you are not telling her almost daily that you love her she will say, "What’s wrong, you don’t love me anymore?" She will tell you she is looking forward to having your baby. She won’t lie to you or hide things from you. However, if she must she will lie to others to be with you. The relationship will be smooth and balanced as if both of you are one, and the infrequent problems will be quickly resolved. She will remember the details of all your dates together months afterwards, even though you probably won’t. The signs of love are strong; don’t rationalize if it is not there. Don’t fall in love and seek marriage hoping she will eventually love and be there for you if you are good and kind to her, she won’t. Maintain your common sense, avoid infatuation, control your urges and emotions, and take the time to understand her so you know if the connection has viability, mutual respect, adoration, and love. In general, most Colombian women fall in love very quickly; they’re very emotional and affectionate women. If you are not feeling her passion and touch, she is not in to you. Beware of terminology. In Colombia there is a broad application of what appears to be affectionate and loving Spanish words that don’t really express true affection or love in English.